Natural Free Range Lamb

Our A Grade lamb is sourced from farms using low stress stock handling techniques and is free from unnecessary additives, hormones and preservatives.


  • Animals are free from hormone inducing treatment to encourage growth
  • Animals are able to freely roam the pastures and graze organic material
  • Animals and pastures are free from the treatment of pesticides
  • No genetic modification and fertilizers are applied to the pastures
  • Meat contains no preservatives or nitrates
  • Animals are not fed any animal by-products
  • Animals kept in humane conditions and not small confined areas.
  • Animals processed in a registered abattoir, in a supervised environment
  • Meat inspected and graded by a professional inspector

What Is Free Range Meat?

Free Range farming practices are where the animals are permitted to roam freely and live out their instinctual behaviours in a natural way. Animals graze in natural, organic pastures, free from pesticides and fertilizers. People may argue that regular foods are not any more nutritious than organically produced products but most people don’t buy organic because it has more vitamins and minerals, they buy it because of what it doesn’t contain – chemicals and pesticides.In many farming operations, antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, and other supplements are pre-emptively administered to prevent potential spread of disease and encourage growth. Because these are used as a preventative measure, many consumers are worried about the animals breeding antibiotic resistant strains of various bacteria (“superbugs”).
Free range, organically reared animals are healthier and do not require the routine administration of antibiotics, hormones and steroids. It is of growing concern that these unnecessary supplements are in the meat we consume and there is a strong case against possible long-term effects that these additives may have on us.

The Farms

Our Karoo farms are situated in the Namakwa district of the Northern Cape, an area known for its Dorper lamb. The Dorper breed is regarded as having the ability to graze and browse and gets it’s distinctive flavour from the natural vegetation found in the veldt. The meat is well muscled and produces low fat scores, making it a healthier alternative. Our lamb is hand selected on the farm according to specific criteria, which enables us to strictly control the quality. This enables us to guarantee the free range lamb that you get is 100% organically produced and can be traced back to its farm of origin.

Poortjies_Northern Cape