lambchops and wine glass dinner


One of reasons why people love Cape Country Lamb, apart from it’s delicious, organic, free range taste, is because of our packaging. All the meat is vacuum-packed in perfect sized portions so that it can fit straight into your freezer without you having to repack it in any way. The vacuum-packing adds a new dimension to freshness and it’s easy-to-store portion sizes offers excellent convenience.


BOX CONTENTS 15kg- 18kg*

  • One lamb cut and packaged into chops & ribs.
  • Loin Chops – 4 pkt (21pc)
  • Rib Chops – 6 pkt (22 pc)
  • Rib cutlets – 2 pkt (10pc)
  • Rib Rack – 2 pkt
  • Shoulder Chops – 2 pkt (6pc)
  • Leg Chops – 9 pkt (27 pc)
  • Neck – 1pkt (6pc)
  • Shank – 2 pkt (10pc)
  • Stewing Meat – 1 pkt

Also available in half lamb quantities
* quantities do vary slightly